Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just A Little Bit

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is for most people, the day of lovers. It's a romantic day in which people buy expensive stuff to show their love.

But I want to make it different this year. I want to change it from Love to Friendship, Loyalty and... Dogs.

Yes, you read me right. It's not that we will forget that it is the day of lovers, but let's include other as important aspect in our life. And let's not forget our most loyal friends, our dogs.

So this is my suggestion. Why not honor them on Valentine's Day? Why not choose your favorite shelter and/or charitable organization and donate a few dollars? It doesn't need to be that much, just a few dollars. But if everybody donates only a few dollars, can you imagine how much that would make?

Please share this post with your family and your friends and encourage them to donate, just a little bit.


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